Ships: Johnlock, Mystrade, Johniarty, Victor/Sherlock, Seblock, MorMor…I basically ship all the guys >_>

Tags (teenlock, unilock, etc): I’m cool with almost anything. I will not, however, RP slavelock, faunlock, or anything like that. I’m particularly fond of android!lock and Post-TRF AUs however.

Type of RP: (  ) sms RP ( x ) Paragraph

RPSize of answers: (  ) long answers only (  ) short answers only (  ) preferably long answers ( x ) preferably short answers *Note: my answers vary depending on how busy I am, so don’t worry about response length. I just like a little more depth into the responses is all so I can work off them ^.^

NSFW? (  ) Yes  (  ) no  ( x ) yes with restrictions - Which ones? I prefer to cut off before they actually do the do, but I’ll write as long as you don’t mind me being vague and not exactly explicit in my answers >_> I’ll read smut but I’m not good at writing it ._.

Any triggers? ( x ) no  (  ) yes - Which ones? I’ll let you know if any come up <3

I don’t RP under any conditions: [anything at all. Exemplify from tags to any characteristic you don’t like] I hate when the RP feels forced so don’t be offended if I drop you for a few hours. I have what seems like an endless writer’s block, and sometimes I need a bit of time to think up something good. Also, like I said above I don’t like explicit answers, so bear with me. I hate being the one to lead the RP by myself as well, so if I see that happening I may just drop you altogether unless you tell me. I’ll gladly help you brainstorm, but you need to pull your own weight too loves <3

Do you have a prompt?  (  ) yes  ( x ) no—I usually come up with them as I go, and we have this blog to reference :)

Any other preference: I also love Harry Potter AUs and Welcome to Night Vale AUs/RPs, so I’m open to those as well :) I prefer to play Sherlock, but I’ll play John if you want!

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New RPer

Hello world, I’m a relatively new RPer, so I’d like to find people who want to RP with me via mail.

  • Ships: Johnlock, Mystrade
  • Tags (teenlock, unilock, etc): Anything (yes, including Omegalock)
  • Type of RP: ( x ) sms RP ( x ) Paragraph RP
  • Size of answers: (  ) long answers only (  ) short answers only ( x ) preferably long answers (  ) preferably short answers
  • NSFW? ( x ) Yes  (  ) no  (  ) yes with restrictions - Which ones?
  • Any triggers? ( x ) no  (  ) yes - Which ones?
  • I don’t RP under any conditions: I’m cool with anything, but I dislike parent!lock and Fem!lock
  • Do you have a prompt?  (  ) yes  ( x ) no, but there are plenty in this side.
  • Any other preference: Honestly? If we go NSFW Johnlock, I just prefer top!Sherlock for some reason. (doesn’t mean he has to be all domintant/BDSMish, he can be fluffy as hell)
  • Email account:

[Prostitution] It was obvious just by looking at him that he didn’t have any experience with this. As well as the man carried himself, this was definitely awkward for him. Sherlock felt like laughing, but he couldn’t bring himself to. Instead, he continued to gaze at the man, taking in every little fact and detail. The only question he would have had would be why he didn’t simply go to a club or something. Many men did this for free. But Sherlock knew that he wasn’t getting paid for the sex—that was just a bonus. He was getting paid to pretend like he was in love with him, to be gentle and caring and all that nonsense, and you couldn’t get that with a one night stand. And by the looks of him, he wanted to be discreet, so he didn’t have the opportunity to jump into a relationship that would have all those things naturally. So Sherlock walked over and gave him a little smile. “You must be John. We spoke on the phone.”

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[OmegaVerse, mpreg, non-established] John, are you going to Tesco after work? SH (Omega) — Anonymous

It wasn’t often that John was open about his excursions with men, but this time, he wasn’t sure why, he’d invited the man to his flat instead. He’d invited him over, knowing full well that Sherlock was in his room, pouting. After two, very vigorous, rounds of shagging, he’d sent the man off without a thought.

That same night, Sherlock had burst in, yelling and cursing at John, giving no explanation.

They didn’t talk for a week, after that. No cases, no nothing. Just silence in 221B Baker Street.

It was the 8th day of silence, when John walked into Sherlock’s room, who was once again pouting about something. “Sherlock.. I want to know. Why did it matter?” He asked, licking his lips nervously.

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Some edits, as I am looking for something new.

  • Ships: Johnlock, Sheriarty, Sherstrade (Greglock?), etc.
  • Tags: Teenlock, Unilock, Caselock, Femlock, AU!lock, Drunk!Sherlock, Drug Addiction, BDSM (totally willing to play top!Sherlock, sounds kind of fun), Prostitution, etc.
  • Type of RP: ( x ) sms RP ( x ) Paragraph RP
  • Size of answers: ( x ) preferably long answers ( x ) preferably short answers. I go back and forth, depending how busy I am at the moment.
  • NSFW? ( x ) Yes, bring it on!
  • Any triggers?  ( x ) yes - Which ones? Cutting, suicide, depression, death. It’s more of a disclaimer than it is a restriction. I will totally roleplay things with these elements but I am commited and there has to be some sort of closure or slow road for things to get better. I will never just end something with someone thinking that they should kill themselves without helping the poor baby out. 
  • I don’t RP under any conditions: Straight romances (other than minor characters), unrealistic smut, PWP, omega!lock, m!preg, dark!John, nothing but darkness and depression with no fluff whatsoever.
  • Do you have a prompt?  ( x ) yes  I have many. Many, many, many—just tell me what you’re in the mood for and we can go from there.
  • Any other preference: Kind of a warning, I really enjoy playing Sherlock, and in BDSM he either likes to call someone and/or be called ‘Daddy’. It has no correlation to parental issues in the story and that will not be discussed, but if it’s a turn-off, I need to know right away if you intend to include BDSM elements. Also, my Sherlock tends to have lots of issues in relationships due to past failures, but once you get past that rock hard exterior he fails to hide that he’s a big fucking marshmallow and will attempt to make romantic gestures to make sure the object of his affections knows he isn’t bored.
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[Teenlock, doctor or med student!John. Suicide attempt TW.] 

Sherlock Holmes [17] had shot himself in March and been in a coma for exactly five months and two days when his fist tightened a little in the white sheet; barely a shade lighter than his skin. 
Over the course of a few hours the expensive doctors Mycroft had insisted on caring for him observed a few more twitches, a tired moan, then his eyes fluttered open. White. White everywhere, how dull he thought in those brief seconds before his thin body convulsed, coughing, against the tube down his throat. 

One doctor, Jameson, a petite Indian woman with stern eyes and a tight bun called for John Watson; new to the Holmes boys case but she quickly filled him in. “We need someone younger, we’ve been told he can be rather… antisocial” her eyes flickered toward the glaring teenager with the thick dark curls, a patch shaved and covered in gauze. “Farrell doesn’t want to deal with him again so we’ve assigned you to be his doctor. If you can handle him, his brother is willing to cover quite an impressive salary…”

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Why did you write your number on my coffee? SH [18] (Sherlock’s an undergraduate and goes to the same Starbucks café every single day; John [20] works there to fund his studies) 


[Post reichenbach. est Johnlock. TW: mentions of past torture & scars.] It was the first time him and John were going this far again, since before he 'died'. He bit his lip hard as John began undoing his shirt buttons. He had seven deeper scars over the front of his body and too many to count on his back; he swallowed when John undid the final button and tugged it from his shoulders. John hadn't seen, nor known about them until now. — Anonymous

[In which John cheats after a massive row.] Who’s Mary? –SHShe just texted you. -SH — Anonymous