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Hi I was just wondering why on the submissions do you put a link to your blog after after giving the credit to the people who wrote it? Why the link to yours...? — Anonymous

I stopped doing that, actually. The link to this blog is in the older submissions because some time ago, it was a rule that to use the prompt, the person would have to give credit to the owner of the prompt and tell where they found the prompt, so the other player can get to know this blog and also share their prompts. But some people told me that when they put the two blogs, or even just one, people don’t answer, so I stopped putting the link. Now I just put the credit, which is not necessary to copy when copying to omegle. Now I just ask the person to tell the other player where they found the prompt, so they can come here and see the credit by themselves and share their prompts.

[Teen!Lock.] For all intents and purpouses, Sherlock was actually looking forward to the trip to Surrey - not for spending the whole weekend with whoever he had to share a room with, but mainly the bees he’d get to watch if he could sneak away from the teachers and the idiotic tour guide they’d met earlier that day.

"Sherlock Holmes!" the professor called, "rooming with John Watson." A collective sigh of relief could be heard from half the students as the blond Rugby player nudged him. It could have been much worse than sharing a room with one of the very few people in his class he got along with, even if he did have a rather undeniable fondness for him. 

[My email is quietlycapernoited@gmail.com if you’re interested in this prompt!]

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I've been roleplaying on omegle for some time but I was wondering what are most tags people use? — Anonymous

I think teenlock and unilock are the most common, but there’s also femlock, I think.

Here’s some tags that I’ve posted a while ago

  • teenlock (they are between 13-19 years old)
  • unilock (they are in the University)
  • punklock (one or both of them is a punk/dresses as a punk)
  • greaserlock (One of them is generally a nerd and the other is a greaser bad boy, usually in the 60s)
  • teacherlock (One of them is a teacher and the other is a student)
  • femlock (one or both of them is a female)
  • zombielock (happens in a zombie apocalypse.)
  • Potterlock (Harry Potter universe)
  • vamplock (vampires!)
  • werelock (werewolves!)
  • winglock (don’t ask me to explain why, but one of them or both has wings)
  • demonlock (demons)
  • piratelock (it plays with the idea that Sherlock wanted to be a pirate as a kid. So it’s set in the past or in a completely alternate universe where pirates are still a thing)
  • mermaidLock (mermaids)
  • Kidlock (Sherlock as a kid)
  • Wholock/Superlock/Superwholock (crossover with Doctor Who, Supernatural or both)
  • Catlock (they are cats)
  • Omegaverse (it’s omegaverse)

[Established relationship. TW: Self-harm which John isn’t aware of] Sherlock[16] kissed John’s lips again and smiled at him. The two of them where in John’s room. They had come from school together and were now on the bed snogging. Everything was right until a small shift made Sherlock’s forearm brush against John’s arm. Sherlock flinched and hissed slightly. There was no way John hadn’t noticed that. Shrp7599@gmail[.]com

John’s sudden spur of love for photography was at first seemingly irritating. The man would always be seen carrying the large device everywhere they went. He was constantly adjusting the lenses and finding some sort of excuse to snap a picture of whatever setting that lay bare before them that just had to be captured in that specific type of lighting or because of the meaning that hid behind whatever scene that they might have passed through. Never lest the mention of the on-going ‘click’ of a certain ex-army doctor’s camera that was driving Sherlock to insanity. John was always rambling on about how inspiration is important to the eye of the photographer, and Sherlock deemed the information somewhat useful as John was always an expertise on the emotional state of normal people. The knowledge he had kept filed away in the back of his mind palace under ‘relevant’ for future references came to mind when he woke up to a camera shoved in his face, not only five hours later when he went to sleep on the behalf of John’s persistent concern of his well-being. 

"What are you doing?" He asked with furrowed eyebrows and gaze set directly on his flatmate who looked as if he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

I have tried to RP lots of times,but I can't unless it's texting. Any tips for a starter? — Anonymous

What exactly is the problem? You can’t formulate the answer? Or the starter? If you can elaborate, I can focus more on the problem, but here are some tips anyway:

Well, first you have to think of a situation you’d like to see them in. Something you’d like to see happen. Sometimes people make a whole story, a whole plot, and they kind of guide the other through it. It’s nice, not at all predictable, and you can grant many surprised to the other player. And sometimes they just make the starter and let it happen by itself, which can lead to an early end or an awesome RP. I like the first option more, but it’s up to each one.

Then you have to decide whether you’ll be Sherlock or John (or any other character). The starter will be in the point of view of your character, and shouldn’t mention actions of the other person’s character. Let them choose what their character will do or think of the situation you gave.

Try not to make a too short starter. I think the point of a non “sms-texting” rp is to add complexity and emotions, so do it. Also add all the trigger warnings you may present.

Try to end your starter in a situation that the other person can interact with. A question, or a scene, or an action that the other character will have to respond to. That helps the other person and makes it better to play.

And, my last tip, make it interesting. Not just a regular day in Baker Street and they are just talking and that’s it. Make something happen.

Also remember: It’s not always your fault that you can’t keep a RP. It’s hard to get a partner that responds to your “standards”. Someone that likes the same kind of RP as you. It takes a lot of time.

If you want some starters, though, look for something here. There are more than 150 of them for you to look at : )

Hope I’ve helped!

I think the last ask was asking about, like, SMS texting rps but I could be and often am wrong. The way I approach it i s looking at it like I do improv comedy. The whole 'yes and' rule does wonders. It's basically the same thing, telling stories on the fly with another person. Who would have thought playing Dating Game and Superheros would help me role play illicit love affairs between two of English literature's most famous characters? pewpcorn

I don’t know, the anon didn’t come back =ç But well, thank you for the tip!

I don’t really like SMS texting RP, because they usually don’t go very long and I like the contact more. And people tend to disconnect when you go from SMS to text. And most of the SMS RP can become just text. But when I do play this kind of RP, I tend to make it a bit more like a comic thing, just to have fun and laugh a little : )

I like this “tips for RPlaying” thing xD

I've been roleplaying for quite some time but I've never figured out how to respond to texting roleplays. (Where they start in a text) I know it sounds weird but they confused me so i'd always skip them. Is there anyway you could possibly explain them if its not to much trouble? Thanks! — Anonymous

Like when it’s not a message?

Well, in your way, really : ) It’s like writing a fanfic with someone else. Always give just the point of view of your character, try not to take the point of view of the other person (like if you’re Sherlock, don’t say John is doing something, let the person decide what John will do).

Let me give you an example:

You: (vamplock/teenlock)The war against vampires had lasted for centuries. Both sides had lost precious men in the battle, until the main vampire family signed a deal with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. So, in England, vampires and humans were facing peace for once in centuries. And now, vampire kids and human kids were being taught together to create a new generation of tolerance. Which was hard for John (17) who was trained by his family to fight in the war and kill vampires since he was 5. When he was 16, the war was over. But not his hate for the Holmes family, responsible for killing his mother. And now he was in the same class as the youngest of them, Sherlock Holmes. Not painful enough, he was weirdly attracted for him. It was probably just a trick of the vampires, since John was straight.
And like if it wasn’t enough having those bastards wandering around at night, they could stay under the sunlight for hours, with sunglasses and umbrellas. So John was training rugby, distracted, when someone tossed him the ball and he didn’t catch it. It flew away and hit a guy with an umbrella. And of course it had to be the younger Holmes.

Stranger: Sherlock looked at the ball and then the rugby team, glaring at the lot of them. He piked up the ball, just daring one of them to come and take it from him. He span the umbrella in between his hands as he looked at who was out there today. He noted one of them…John. He remembered the boy’s reaction when his father had killed his mother. It was just one of those things, but that look on John’s face was one thing he just couldn’t delete.

You: John clenched his fists. /Don’t start a brawl/ he murmured to himself. The others stared at Sherlock, scared, but not John. No. He put his hands on his pockets and slowly walked to the boy, stopping a few meters away. “Give the ball back, Holmes.”

This prompt is mine, so it’s free to use, by the way.

Is that clear enough? If not, just ask again! =)

Hey I just found this blog today (and I love it, super awesome) so maybe you already had this thought and I missed it. But what if, to help with the whole 'giving credit' issue, that people on omgle using a prompt from here added the tag 'johnlock prompts' in the likes section. Then if we see that the person we got connected with has that tag/like, we know we don't have to worry about linking them back here. Just an idea, ignore me if this is a stupid suggestion or if its already been covered. pewpcorn

No, I hadn’t thought of that : ) But the tag only appears if you have that tag in common with the other person. It would work, but not to everyone, just to people who already know the blog and use the tag as well. But I like the idea! People could try to find someone who’s using a prompt they’ve seen here, but want to be the one who answers the starter. It’s a great idea, thank you! I’ll start adding the suggestion to the prompts that are submitted.