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So, I’ve been thinking and many people complain that it’s hard to find someone to roleplay with them. I wanted to make a website where you can roleplay (better than omegle) based on roleplaying preferences, but I do not understand anything of webdesign. So what I can do is to give you the opportunity of making a profile so people can find you and contact you to roleplay via email. You’d fill a profile form, send to me, and I’ll make a special tag where people can find you. If we have enough players, I can make a special tumblr, just for that.

Please remember: since you’re publishing your email account, it’s advised to have a special account just for roleplaying, preferably not attached to any other account.

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  • NSFW? (  ) Yes  (  ) no  (  ) yes with restrictions - Which ones?
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You can also send prompts you’d like to play if you marked that you do have a prompt. If the prompt is not yours, please give the credit.

It’s just an idea, you can give an opinion as well : )

He hadn't been to school for almost 2 years now, but his brother wanted him to graduate. He hardly listened as Mycroft informed the principal about his past schools, behaviour and bad habits, just stood there waiting and willing Earth to implode. Instead,he was led to the room he had to share with an older student called John Watson who would join him after the completion of his afternoon lessons. Irritated by the situation, he was glad when his brother left and he was alone to inspect the room. — Anonymous

Can we go to The Longue tonight please Sir? I’d like to show off my new collar, the silver one you gave me, the one with the matching lead. JW [I have been spending a ridiculously long time trying to play this prompt but apparently I'm too perverted for everyone. If anyone is interested my email is forshitsandgigglesandrps@outlook[.]com] — Anonymous

Ballet!lock Prompt

Sherlock was practicing in the dance room, he was practicing his arabesques and plie  . Dancing was the only thing that really helped him release from the bullying that happened in school “Fag, gaybo, tranny, girl” those were the words he constantly heard by other people. Ballet helped him unwind. He was just starting to dance when he heard something. He turned around and saw a man in footy shorts and a dirty footy shirt.

Sherlock [17] was walking across campus with a nervous grin - today marked 6 months with John and he'd had told him he was going to be busy all night with experiments so he could surprise him. Hair fixed, he looked down at the carefully chosen flowers, entering without knocking as he often did, calling out. Immediately his blood ran cold when he saw his John on top of that blonde girl. Kissing her. The flowers dropped as he turned on his heel, refusing to break down before he found his own dorm. — Anonymous

“Sherlock,” a voice called out from the living room of 221B. “Sherlock,” the doctor tried more forcefully. He was standing in front of an open cupboard, an occurrence which was surprisingly common in the life of Sherlock and John, given how fond Sherlock was of hiding things in it. This particular day though he was standing beside an A3 poster blue tacked to the inside of the door, various activities and rewards written out in permanent marker while in his hand was a packet of $2 shop stickers. — Anonymous

Sherlock had used John's voice, over and over in his head to stay sane in that cell. The torture would have killed him, had him begging to die without John's voice. And now, he was looking at hearing him once more... for real again. Stepping out of the freezing winter and into the flat, it was pure nostalgia as he knocked at John's bedroom door. "I'm back..." he whispered to himself. Then a little louder, "John?" — Anonymous

[Sherlock has been saving draft messages on his phone to John. This one was accidentally sent.] Sometimes I want to tell you that my feelings, yes I have them, go beyond friendship. I'm unsure what they mean... I want to take your gun and blow them out of my head. It was always you, John. -SH — Anonymous

I wanna apologize for everyone that I’m not answering in RPs via email.

My life is currently turning up side down and I barely have time to breath.


Hi I was just wondering why on the submissions do you put a link to your blog after after giving the credit to the people who wrote it? Why the link to yours...? — Anonymous

I stopped doing that, actually. The link to this blog is in the older submissions because some time ago, it was a rule that to use the prompt, the person would have to give credit to the owner of the prompt and tell where they found the prompt, so the other player can get to know this blog and also share their prompts. But some people told me that when they put the two blogs, or even just one, people don’t answer, so I stopped putting the link. Now I just put the credit, which is not necessary to copy when copying to omegle. Now I just ask the person to tell the other player where they found the prompt, so they can come here and see the credit by themselves and share their prompts.